Grandmaster Park Song Il

Chong Kwan Jang Nim, Park Song Il, 9th Dan

Grandmaster Park Song IL was born in Korea in 1945. During his early school years, he studied Judo and Tae kwon do, but due to the limited and repetitive curriculum of these arts, he began studying HAPKIDO in 1958 at the Sung Moo Kwan under HAPKIDO founder Grandmaster Ji Han Jae. Grandmaster Park was part of the “special class” section that trained separately from other students.

In 1976, Grandmaster Park relocated to the Republic of Panama , establishing his own style or “Kwan” called “Song Moo HAPKIDO” or “HAPKIDO Song Moo Kwan”.

During his early years in Panama, Grandmaster Park taught the U.S. Military exclusively, rotating his teaching among the different bases in Panama. In the early 1980s, due to the popularity and interest in this new martial art HAPKIDO, Grandmaster Park opened a school to teach civilians.

In 1996, the Panama HAPKIDO Association organized a seminar with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae, who was impressed with the technical ability of Grandmaster Park’s students. At the end of the seminar, Grandmaster Park was promoted to 9th Dan by his teacher.

In 2005, Grandmaster Park was named Latin-America Director for the Republic of Korea HAPKIDO Federation by former President Oh Se Lim.

In 2006, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of HAPKIDO in Panama, Grandmaster Park was honored with the visit of many influential Hapkido Masters from around the world.